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Hello , I'm DJ.

I’m a designer, entrepreneur and gym enthusiast. Born in the good times era and currently living in Cincinnati. I'm currently looking for work in Marketing and Creative Visual Communications/ Creative Project Management. I'm a Graduate of Northern Kentucky University. My professional work has been mostly in the nonprofit sector working closely with the Ymca of Greater Cincinnati , St. Elizabeth Hospital, Northern Kentucky University, NorthKey, and many more. I utilize my skills for businesses and individuals for our mutual progression and to build awareness. Whilst I’m primarily a visual communicator via video production, I also love graphic design and my focus is on branding, product design, UI and motion. I strive to be a jack of all trades, having key-insights in all areas of design, video production, business development and digital marketing. Enabling me to see new opportunities to create strong, sustainable brands.

What I do when I'm not working

When I'm not working you can usually find me...

  • Djing at one of the many beautiful spots downtown Cincy (Samples Below)

  • Watching America's Got Talent or my favorite NBA team lose (Los Angeles Lakers)

  • Refreshing Spotify every Thursday or Friday night anticipating new music !

  • Listening to podcasts while I'm doing chores, walking the dog or breathing, on the subjects of movies, sports, comedy, and self-improvement

  • Sensibly critiquing the latest Marvel film, in theaters

  • Making playlists for every possible emotion and sharing my thoughts online

  • Storing random pop culture facts in my brain for a future trivia night that never comes

  • Or packing way too much for my next trip

  • Being creative!

Samples of some of my DJ mixes and remixes I love to mix in my sets :)

Usher - Circumstances (DJ Rerun) .mp3

DJ RERUN ft. Usher - Circumstances

Ascension - Maxwell (Rerun Remix).mp3

DJ RERUN ft. Maxwell - Escalating